Building a Website in Three Minutes (literally) with a Custom Domain Name

Welcome to this training video that will show you how to build your own website with your own custom domain name such as “” or””

This video training is perfect if you want a professional website without spending a lot of money and you’re a small business, a solopreneur, or if you’re an individual who would love to have a professional website to serve as an electronic portfolio or resume for getting a job. It’s helpful even if you just want to start a blog.

You’ll not only learn how to purchase website hosting, how to choose your own domain name, and how to build a website with WordPress, you’ll learn that this is all simple enough that you can do it in 3 minutes!

Intrigued? Watch the video! 🙂

(Note: My webhost updates and improves their webpages. Some steps may vary from the video, but it’s still ultimately the same process.)