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In this episode of Building a Website Pro, we get to the core of WordPress plugins. With over 27,000+ plugins in the database alone (and growing), it’s easy to get lost in analysis paralysis in terms of what to actually install in your WordPress website. I cut through the clutter answering (hopefully most) of your burning plugin questions as well as share the essential plugins I recommend (and even a few “non-essential” ones I really appreciate).

More specifically, in this session you’ll learn:

  • What are WordPress plugins? (Aren’t those the air fresheners you put in the wall to make the room smell nice?)
  • Why do I need plugins?
  • How many plugins should I use?… and no, it’s not … every one that looks shiny
  • What Makes a WordPress Plugin Essential?
  • How do I search for plugins and Research plugins before installing them?
  • When I started with WP, I wanted to know which ones I even needed! So…What Essential WordPress Plugins Does Michael Recommend? I will share with you the top 10 plugins I install on nearly every website (And guess what? They’re they’re all free!) Yippee!
  • And much more!

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Session Include:

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  • Have you tried WorkFlowy yet? Excellent way to organize your to-dos and other thoughts! Try it free with this link and you get an extra 250 items you can enter per month! Sweet!
  • – Memorable access to the tools of señor Michael Szapkiw of
  • – Get a jump start in building your website.
    Get instant access to my free ebook, “7 Important Things You Need to Consider When Building a Website.”
  • – The Web hosting provider I love and recommend to family and friends (that’s you too).

What Essential WordPress Plugins Do I Recommend?

Top 10 plugins I install on Nearly Every WordPress Website (Hint: They’re all free!)


  1. Akismet – Plugin for spam protection. (You just need a free account to get your free key to use it on your website.)
  2. WordPress SEO – Great solution for optimizing your website for search engines.
  3. Better WP Security – Improve the security of your WordPress website settings.
  4. Google XML Sitemaps – When your blog has a sitemap, search engines can more easily crawl your content.
  5. Use Google Libraries – Use Google’s library for common files to speed up site performance.
  6. WP-DBManager – Create automatic backups of your site content.
  7. Contact Form
    1. Contact Form 7
    2. Contact Form 7 reCaptcha Extension
    3. Better WordPress reCAPTCHA
    4. Gravity Forms (Paid Plugin)
  8. Analytics
    1. Google Analytics for WordPress
    2. Clicky for WordPress (Clicky by Yoast)

LESSER-ESSENTIALS (but still in my top ten… or should I say “teven”)

  1. Pretty Link Lite
    1. Sharebar – Sharebar adds a dynamic and fully customizable vertical box to the left of a blog post that contains links/buttons to popular social networking sites.
    2. Sociable
    3. Facebook Like Box
    4. Follow on Twitter Button
    5. Add Link To Facebook – Automatically add links to published posts or pages to your Facebook wall, pages or groups and more.
  3. BONUS Plugin (number “teven”): Jetpack by – Supercharge your WordPress site with powerful features previously only available to users.

Pro Pointer

The Pro Pointer for this show included a brief discussion on the free Web service called WorkFlowy. It’s so simple but it is truly powerful. This service helps you create bulleted to-do lists, but it does it in such a seamless way that you can practically have your whole life in one sheet… but organized. I now keep it in an open tab in my Web browser now. And it’s great for my podcasting notes to use for recording. Check out WorkFlowy now. If you go through this link, you’ll get an extra 250 items capacity (on top of your free 500 items per month)… and I 250 extra too! Awesome. Did I mention it’s free? You can upgrade, but free is enough for me.

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